Implantable Devices

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Implantable Devices services offered in Cypress, Katy, Houston, Sealy and Fulshear, TX

If you struggle with heart problems, an implantable device might be the solution you need to avoid complications. At Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates, the board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners offer WATCHMAN, loop records, pacemakers, defibrillators, LINQ ICM, and other implantable devices that maximize your heart’s health. Call the office in Cypress, Katy, Sealy, Fulshear, or Houston, Texas, today or use the online scheduler to learn more.

What are implantable devices?

Implantable devices at Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates are those your provider inserts into your body to improve the function or structure of your heart and blood flow. The practice offers several implantable devices based on your personalized needs.

Are implantable devices right for me?

You might be a candidate for an implantable device if you have a history of heart or blood vessel disorders, an irregular heartbeat, chest pain, or you’re at risk of bleeding, heart attack, stroke, or other heart problems.


A cardiologist reviews your medical history, asks about your symptoms, and completes a physical exam to find out which device is best for you. They could order blood tests, imaging procedures, and/or heart-function tests to make a final diagnosis.

Which implantable devices are available?

The devices available to you at Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates include:


The WATCHMAN is a tiny device from Boston Scientific Corp. that your specialist implants into your heart. It can eliminate the need to take a blood thinner or reduce the risk of a stroke by closing off part of your heart called the left atrial appendage (LAA).

Loop recorder

Implantable loop recorders are heart-monitoring devices that record your heart’s rhythm for several years. They allow your specialist to monitor your heartbeat regularly. Your provider places the device beneath the skin of your chest.


Pacemakers are tiny devices your provider places in your chest to control your heartbeat, preventing it from beating irregularly.


A defibrillator is a small implantable device that emits an electric shock into the heart to normalize its rhythm.


The revolutionary LINQ ICM from Medtronic is a tiny, implantable heart monitor that records an abnormal heart rhythm for up to several years.

What should I expect during implantable device placement?

During the procedure, your surgeon numbs the treatment area and offers a sedative to relax you. Sometimes, a general anesthetic is needed to help you fall asleep. Your surgeon cleans the treatment area, inserts the implantable device, ensures it functions properly, and closes the incision. They follow up with you to ensure the device continues to work correctly.

Call the Memorial Katy Cardiology Associates office today or use the online scheduler to learn more about implantable devices for your heart.