Improving your access to care with healow TeleVisits. Our telehealth solution gives our patients the quality of an in-office visit with the ease and safety of staying at home.

Tele-Visits at MKC

This information explains what a televisit is so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What is a Tele-Visit?

Please complete the form to the right and we will fulfill your request within 24 hours. You may request a copy of your report to be sent to you via:

> E-Mail
> Postal Mail
> Fax

What are the benefits of

There are many benefits to having a televisit, including:
> Getting you the care you need without having to travel to the clinic.
> Saving you travel time and money.
> Helping you spend less time at your cardiologist’s office.
> Not having to take time off from your responsibilities to travel to the clinic.
> Not having to have a caregiver travel with you to the clinic.
One of the main goals of Tele-Visits is to bring care closer to where you live. Many people say televisits are like being right in their doctor’s office. We now offer Tele-Visits at Memorial Katy Cardiology (MKC).

Will my information stay private?

Yes. Tele-Visits meet the strict standards of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This means your privacy is protected just like all your visits with your cardiologist. MKC works with eClinicalWorks, to make sure your televisit is private and secure.

How will my Tele-Visit work?

If you decide to have a Tele-Visit, we will schedule your appointment for you. You can either have your Tele-Visit from anywhere you have access to internet and a personal computer or smart device, at home or at work.

Tele-Visits using your personal computer or smart device at home or work

If you have your Tele-Visit from home or work on your personal computer or smart device, we will send you a link 30 minutes prior to your appointment with a link to join the Virtual Waiting Room. If you’re using a smart device, make sure you have the Patient Portal app installed on your device before your visit.

You should know your username and password for the Patient Portal so that you can log on before your visit. If your caregiver manages your Patient Portal account for you, make sure they’re with you during your Tele-Visit so they can help you.

Can my doctor diagnose me through a Tele-Visit?

Many exams can be done during a Tele-Visit. If needed, your cardiologist may ask you to move a part of your body, so they can see how well you move or if you have pain.

Sometimes a Tele-Visit isn’t a good way to examine you. This is rare. Your cardiologist knows the reason for your visit ahead of time, so we know if a Tele-Visit is a safe and effective way to see you.

Does my Tele-Visit go in my medical record?

Yes. Your cardiologist will document the visit in your medical record in the same way they would if your visit were in person.

If you have any questions, contact a member of your healthcare team directly. If you're a patient at MKC and you need to reach a provider, call 281-392-3401.

What is a Tele-Visit?

A Tele-Visit is when your cardiologist uses technology to care for you without you having to travel to their office. During your Tele-Visit, you and your cardiologist will see and talk with each other using a computer or smart device (smartphone or tablet). Your cardiologist will be able to check how you’re doing, diagnose any problems you have, and come up with a treatment plan for you all by video. Your video won’t be recorded or saved.