Patients Reviews

I went for the annual wellness review with Dr. Mammen. He indicated that he hears a murmur therefore recommends I get an echocardiogram which I scheduled to be done in his facility two weeks later. Two weeks later I showed up for the test and they told me they had not received approval from UnitedHealthcare (UHC). I learned from UHC that the request for approval was received the day before the actual test was supposed to be performed. Nobody from Dr. Mammen's office called me to tell me no to go on the test day because they had not received the approval. I wasted a lot of time due to this. I do not live close to the test site office. As a matter of fact, nobody contacted me to apologize for the lack of customer/patient service. Although the Doctors may be good, the office staff is incapable of running a professional business......and the management appears to be too busy to get bugged in silly details.

Guillermo V. | Feb 20, 2024